Housing and Planning Act regulation dates released

A raft of regulations for policies in the Housing and Planning Act will start to be introduced from spring this year.

In documents seen by 24housing, regulations for Starter Homes will be revealed in the summer, whilst the decision of whether or not to scrap lifetime tenancies will be in the autumn.

As part of the Act, local authorities are due to produce a brownfield register, that is land suitable in their area for housing, and regulations for this are to be unveiled in the spring.

Regulations on housing association insolvency will be introduced next month. Although as of yet, no housing association has suffered this fate.

Self-build and custom housebuilding regulations will come into force on the 31st October, which forces authorities to grant planning permission based on demand on the self-build register.

However, there is no date on the introduction of ‘higher value’ sales – something local authorities and ministers are keen to hear about, with the definition of higher value still not being sorted.

Other regulations, which include policies such as money protection schemes and resolution of disputes about planning obligations, are to be released in due course too. Much of this is to be expected to be tackled in the White Paper.

The Housing and Planning Act has already been somewhat stripped back, with the reversal of Pay to Stay and the cutting back of the implementation of the voluntary Right to Buy.

It marks a move in the government’s thought process that ownership is not the only goal, something Housing Minister Gavin Barwell stated in an exclusive interview in this month’s 24housing.

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