Housing associations Right to Buy pilot ‘will not charge local authorities’

MHCLG confirms the pilot will be fully funded from government.

Government glowing as 1000s more social homes sold off under right to buy

The housing associations Right to Buy pilot, earmarked for the West Midlands, will not hit council pockets.

Speaking at the National Federation of ALMOs conference, Rebecca Shrubsole of the MHCLG said: “We are running the West Midlands Right to Buy pilot but we will not be charging local authorities. It will be fully funded from the Government.”

She added: “As part of the Right to Buy pilot, we will require housing associations to replace the homes one for one.”

Shrubsole also touched on the upcoming consultation on Right to Buy receipts, saying: “The aim of the consultation is to make it easier for local authorities to use those Right to Buy receipts.

“We have heard about the problems with RTB receipts. The consultation on this may include all sorts of things, we welcome your suggestions on what could be a part of it.”

She also told the conference that new Secretary of State, James Brokenshire, has been “very clear that social housing and housing supply is very much high on his agenda.”

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