Housing & Care 21 acquires Nottingham Extra Care scheme

Housing & Care 21 recently announced a commitment to invest in more specialist housing for older people.

Nottingham 21 housing and care

Housing & Care 21 has acquired a new Extra Care scheme from Midland Heart.

Seagrave Court, in Nottingham, comprises 44 properties available for rent. The scheme will operate as one of Housing & Care 21’s 126 Extra Care offerings, providing independent living with access to on-site care – in this case provided by Nottingham City Council.

The news follows the non-profit provider of Extra Care and Retirement Housing’s commitment to invest in more specialist housing for older people of modest means.

Kris Peach, director of extra care at Housing & Care 21, said: “Over the next few years Housing & Care 21 will seek to expand its offering in Retirement Housing and Extra Care.

“This will be through the provision of new developments and also by acquiring existing schemes from other providers.

“We know that only around 5% of the over-65 population live in specialist housing, yet evidence suggests that far more would like to do so. Our vast experience in the sector means we can take schemes like these forward and also develop, construct and launch them right from the very beginning.”

Billie Fryer, registered manager at Seagrave, said: “The welcome from staff at Housing & Care 21 made us all feel very relaxed from day one.

“The transfer was quick, smooth and support for our team has been brilliant.

“We’re looking forward to meeting more people within the organisation and welcome to a new and improved Seagrave Court, under Housing & Care 21 leadership,” she concluded.

Seagrave Court staff who were originally employed by Midland Heart remain in their positions.