Housing projects part of ‘funding boost’ for English councils

Two housing projects shown as case studies for what can be achieved through the Controlling Migration Fund.

Money Pounds House

Two very different housing projects provided by two very different councils are referenced in the government’s latest ‘funding boost’ to beleaguered English councils.

MHCLG has confirmed a further £28m to “help ease pressures on local services” resulting from recent migration – this adds up to more than   £100m so far channelled to councils through the government’s Controlling Migration Fund.

The latest funding, announced by Communities Minister Lord Bourne, will be allocated to 123 projects across England.

Among initiatives cited as case studies are:

  • Fenland Council is receiving ongoing funding to support the continued operation of Wisbech Emergency Night Shelter which helps people to find more settled housing, employment and training and to access medical services more efficiently

The Fund has already supported an additional four beds at the shelter

This has reduced pressures on local services and community tension in the area with 84% of the clients not returning to the streets in 2016/17, rising to 86.4% in 2017/18.

  • Enfield Council has secured funding to extend its ‘Operation Rogue Landlord’ project

The project will focus on targeted inspections and enforcement in areas where more vulnerable residents in the community are most likely to be affected by poor housing conditions, overcrowding and exploitation

So far, the project’s interventions have seen 1,950 property inspections and 1,014 enforcement notices issued.

“Each community is unique in the challenges it faces, but the projects we’ve funded have shown that positive change is possible when people come together and think innovatively about how to support the whole community,” said Lord Bourne.

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