Mass eviction shows ‘desperate need’ for social housing

“The government is ignoring the right of every person to live in an affordable and secure home.”

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Hundreds of people are due to face eviction after landlord Fergus Wilson decided to sell his entire property portfolio.

Fergus Wilson, 70, says he is retiring after a series of court battles over his treatment of tenants.

He and his wife Judith owns about 300 properties across Kent, but the Wilsons have become “infamous” for their strict rules on who they will allow to live their properties.

In the past, they have refused to take people on zero-hours contracts, single parents, and those on benefits.

According to reports, the couple say they hope to sell their properties to investors who will retain the tenants, but they have already issued 90 eviction notices.

Responding to the reports, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing, Communities and Local Government Tim Farron said: “As the Conservative government fails to get a grip of the UK’s housing crisis, more people unable to afford a home of their own end up stuck in the private rented sector.

“The decision of property tycoon Fergus Wilson to sell his entire property portfolio, leaving hundreds of families facing eviction, shows the risks for vulnerable people having to rent in the private sector.

“Liberal Democrats demand better for tenants.”

He added: “That is why Liberal Democrats would not only incentivise private landlords to offer longer-term tenancies, but embark on an ambitious delivery of 100,000 new social homes for rent being built every year.

“Social housing is incredibly important as it provides affordable accommodation for those on low incomes and is a vital safety net for vulnerable groups.

“By failing to act, the government is ignoring the right of every person to live in an affordable and secure home.”

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