Jenrick and McVey win big amid Conservative landslide

Both housing secretary and housing minister retain their seats after overwhelming Conservative victory in the election.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick

Robert Jenrick and Esther McVey have both retained their seats – but whether they stay in housing is another question all together.

Jenrick won his Newark constituency with a resounding 63% of the votes.

In Tatton, Esther McVey reclaimed her seat with 58% of the votes.

Although a lot less vocal than Jenrick through the campaign, she has been a vocal supporter of Brexit and Boris Johnson.

Jenrick has been a prominent figure in the election campaign for Johnson, who wheeled him out for various TV interviews and panel shows, including the recent Question Time show where he was pressed on his views on housing for younger people.

In another appearance on the BBC’s Question Time programme, he was silenced after a question on fire safety.

His regular stints on TV and his loyalty to Johnson will inevitably see him shuffled into a new position, something housing as a sector has come to expect.

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