Labour ahead of Conservatives in housing polls

Latest YouGov polls put Labour ahead of Conservatives in terms of housing policy.


Despite being far behind in the overall polls, new data shows Labour is actually ahead in terms of housing policy.

Latest figures, compiled by YouGov on April 12th-13th found 24% of respondents felt Labour would deal with housing problems the best.

This compares to 22% who feel Conservatives would be the best choice.

Perhaps worryingly for both parties, the option “don’t know” was put forward by 31% of respondents.

The polls will signal that for the other parties contesting the election, they will need to do much more on housing to make an impact, with more respondents selecting the “none” option (10%) than Lib Dems and UKIP (6% and 4% respectively).

A Labour source told 24housing the figures show “we’re winning the long-run argument on housing. Our aim in the next seven weeks will be to translate that into votes.”

Labour’s shadow secretary of state for housing has previously hinted at a manifesto for housing, whilst speaking at an event last month.

Healey confirmed the Redfern Review – which he commissioned and was published last November – would form the basis of a manifesto that would tackle homelessness and raise standards in the private rented sector.

Other aspects he suggested could be included in the manifesto were:

• New deal for private housebuilders
• Bigger role for councils and housing associations
• Stronger consumer rights in the private rental sector
• Focus on rough sleeping

Healey also confirmed the party would create a new housing department in Whitehall if the party won.

He said: “The housing minister is unable to argue across government. There’s still no funding for affordable social rented homes. There’s still no grant funding for councils with a HRA to borrow.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for 500,000 council homes to be built, with housing being a major part of his fightback.

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