Technology Enabled Care in Housing Charter launched

The charter aims to help housing providers to understand how to engage with TEC.


Housing organisations across Scotland are being asked to show their support for a new Technology Enabled Care in Housing Charter, which is being launched today (12th March) at the CIH Scotland Housing Festival 2019.

The TEC in Housing Charter has been developed as part of the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Ready Programme, which is funded by the Scottish Government’s TEC Programme and hosted by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

According to reports, since 2016, TEC Ready has been working with housing organisations and individuals to support the housing sector’s use of innovative TEC, with the work of the TEC Ready programme supported by Digital Health and Care Scotland.

The programme, said to have been developed to support the use of TEC in creating and delivering housing solutions, includes a focus on engaging customers in the co-design of TEC services.

The aim of the pledge is also said to maximise the benefits that TEC solutions can bring, by taking account of their needs and putting them, their families or carers at the heart of the co-design, testing and review of customised services, helping to enable people to live in their homes safely and independently for as long as possible.

Another pledge commits to collaborative working to share ideas and work within individual organisations, as well as with the wider housing sector, allied professions, universities and other research institutions.

Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning Kevin Stewart said: “The launch of this charter illustrates the opportunities to use Technology Enabled Care to shape the housing solutions of the future.

“Telehealth and telecare have the potential to transform the way people manage their own health and wellbeing. With people living longer and having more health conditions, we must recognise their needs and put them, their families and carers at the heart of new developments.”

He added: “Having the right support in the right home can enable people to live safely and independently.

“Our £200,000 TEC fund has already raised awareness of technology-enabled care in creating, co-designing, and delivering housing solutions. This charter will continue that work by ensuring everyone is supported to look after themselves and lead full and meaningful lives.”

Speaking on the programme, Fanchea Kelly, CEO of Blackwood and Chair of TEC Ready, said: “I’m delighted that we now have a TEC in Housing Charter.

“Housing organisations across Scotland have the potential to make a huge contribution to supporting the health and wellbeing of their customers.

“We appreciate that everyone is at a different stage with TEC, so organisations can choose which of the seven Charter Pledges they sign up to.”

Sally Thomas, SFHA CEO, added: “The TEC charter is a great outcome of the TEC Ready Programme, and many thanks go to everyone involved in getting us this far.

“The charter is an important tool to help social housing providers use technology to offer personalised services to their tenants, helping to keep them safe and well at home for longer.

“This is critical if we are to improve people’s quality of life, keeping them out of hospital and in their own home, reducing health costs and supporting people’s independence and relationships with family, friends and community.”

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