Local authority housing and affordable housing ‘in good place’

“There is a real sense of growing confidence,” says Steve Partridge at the 2019 SDS Local Authority Seminar.


“Whatever has happened in this country politically over the past few years, it has been a very good period for local authority housing and affordable housing.”

That’s the view of Steve Partridge, Savills’ Director of Housing Consultancy, who was speaking at the SDS Local Authority Seminar yesterday (27th Feb).

“There is a real sense of growing confidence around the affordable housing sector at the moment,” he continued, adding that the “best authorities are moving forward on all fronts”, specifically citing Housing Revenue Accounts (HRAs), housing company models, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Also speaking at the conference was Mark Baigent, London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ interim head of strategy, regeneration, sustainability, and housing options, who said the council is assessing the current and potential impacts of Brexit.

“In regards to Brexit, we are looking very closely at whether to buy properties that people want to sell but can’t,” he said.

Baigent went on to state that Tower Hamlets has bought over 250 properties over recent years and is looking to buy a similar amount over the next couple.