London mayor to seek new powers over housing

Sadiq Khan has said he will ask government for more powers over affordable housing, following the cutting of numbers at a £9bn redevelopment.

sadiq khan

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will press government for new powers over affordable housing where developers cut numbers.

It follows the fallout over Battersea Power Station in Wandsworth, where the number of affordable homes was cut by 40%.

He said: “Whilst it is unnecessary and inappropriate for me to be a signatory to every legal agreement … I should have a strong role in any renegotiation when this relates to affordable housing on strategic applications, and be fully consulted on any such proposed amendments. I am seeking such powers from the Government.”

The Mayor does have a role in setting affordable housing applications considered to have a strategic, London-wide impact — but not renegotiating major schemes at a more local level.

Khan promised at least 50% of all homes built in London will be affordable and has partnered with housing associations to make this happen.

He has also announced plans to crack down on rogue landlords, with private renting being of particular concern.

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