Malthouse: Nowhere in the country will be ‘untouched by construction’

The government plans to build 300,000 a year by the mid-2020s.

Kit Malthouse 2

“No part of the country, in theory, will be untouched by construction.”

That’s according to Housing Minister Kit Malthouse, speaking at the 2019 Local Government Association Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Conference.

He added: “We want everyone who wants to be building to do so.”

However, Malthouse conceded that some nations tackle certain areas of housing more effectively than the UK.

“Other countries around the world do offsite technology much better than us,” he said, adding that offsite construction could help the government meet its 300,000-new-homes-a-year-by-2020 target because “you are in and out quickly” if installed in city centres.

Malthouse went on to push for a focus on design.

“Are you building the construction of the future or are you building the same stuff we were building in the sixties and seventies that we are happy to bulldoze?” he asked.

“We can’t continue with the blank ubiquity we have seen all over this country.”

The government announced in its 2017 budget that it plans to build 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s.

Annual housing supply in England totalled 222,190 net additional dwellings in 2017-18, 47,355 of which were allocated for affordable housing. Just 6,463 homes for social housing were built in England during the period.

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