Merger complete for Bromford and Severn Valley

The expanded organisation now provides homes to over 100,000 customers.


Bromford and Severn Vale have completed their merger today, creating a new 44,000 home landlord.

The merger, which will retain Bromford’s name, will allow for a decade-long plan in the delivery of 14,000 new homes across the Midlands and South West, with a planned net investment of more than £1.5bn

The merger follows on from Bromford and Merlin joining forces six months ago.

It means Bromford now owns more than 21,000 homes in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, enabling it to “work in partnership with others to deliver transformational change”.

Speaking on the merger, Bromford CEO Robert Nettleton said: “The combined financial strength of our new organisation gives us a great foundation enabling us to build more new homes, invest more in people and the opportunity to create the best organisation in the area that we operate in.

“By introducing our neighbourhood coaching approach to our new customers in Tewkesbury we can help even more people to thrive in their homes.

“There remains a real shortage of quality, affordable housing across our operating area.

“But by pooling our resources we can make a real difference by building even more new homes than we would have been able to build individually.

“This year we’ll build more than 1,200 homes, and we plan to increase that in the years ahead.”

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