Merger makes major provider of care and housing for older people

Anchor Hanover Group is launched to operate across 90% of council areas in England.

Jane and Stuart with Anchor Hanover logo.2

Now in their fifties, two ‘children of the sixties’ come together tobe what’s billed as England’s biggest provider of care and housing for older people.

Anchor Hanover Group – formed from merger of Hanover Housing Association and Anchor Trust formally launches today (Dec 3) with more than 60,000 homes across 1,700 locations supported by more than 9,000 colleagues.

Both Anchor and Hanover started out in the 1960s.

As a single entity they provide rented and leasehold retirement housing and residential care homes in more than 90% of local council area across England.

Anchor Hanover Chair Dr Stuart Burgess CBE said: “More specialist housing and care will be needed going forwards, with new types of services. Anchor Hanover can offer more options, have a stronger voice with government and local councils, operate more efficiently and build more properties for older people.

“We have ambitious plans and want to provide more services, driven by the needs and aspirations of our ageing society – this could include social rented, shared ownership and outright sale new homes.”

Anchor Hanover Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft CBE, Anchor Hanover Chief Executive, said: “For more than 50 years, Anchor and Hanover have helped people enjoy later life.

“Today, in an ageing society, our housing, care and support is needed more than ever.

“Together, we can provide a bigger range of housing and care options and build more new locations.

Anchor Hanover provides an exciting opportunity to create a brighter, happier future for more people.

“Crucially, our new organisation also enables us to offer better career options for colleagues and attract and retain great people.”

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