Ministry of Justice eviction figures ‘sober reminder’

The report highlights a growing number of households were at risk of eviction over the past 12 months.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has released updated statistics on mortgage and landlord possession actions in the county courts of England and Wales in July to September 2016.

 The report reveals:

  • In the last twelve months 137,733 renting households in England were put at risk of eviction – equivalent to 316,900 renters
  • A total of 39,723 renting households in England were evicted by bailiffs in the last twelve months
  • The loss of a private tenancy remains the single biggest cause of homelessness in the country

Responding to the figures, Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “The news that right now hundreds of thousands of renters are at serious risk of losing their home is a sobering reminder of the impact of welfare cuts and the severe lack of affordable homes.

“Our deepening housing crisis means that over 120,000 children will wake up homeless this Christmas, and sadly this shows that not far behind them are many more families still desperately fighting to stay in their home.”

RLA Policy Director, David Smith, commented: “Today’s figures are a timely reminder that landlords do not seek to re-possess properties lightly.

“With tenants also living an average of 4 years in private rented homes, the sector is stepping up to the demand for long term housing without the need for heavy handed legislation.”

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