Nearly two thirds want to start building on green belt

In a 24housing poll, we find 64% want to build on the green belt, as land for housing becomes scarce.

A poll on the 24housing website has revealed people are no longer content with building solely on the brownfield land available.

25% said they would build on the green belt, regardless on tenure, with a further 39% saying they would build on the green belt if the homes were genuinely affordable or socially rented homes.

The remaining 35% said they would not build on the green belt.

It has been much debated whether or not homes should be built on green belt land, with ministers in DCLG coming under fire for it.

Sajid Javid recently allowed Birmingham’s plan to go ahead, to build 50,000 homes, some of which would be on the green belt.

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also pressed the case, saying they want ‘poor quality’ green belt land freed for housing. 

However, Campaign to Protect Rural England is still focused on ensuring the countryside is not built on.

One of its calls in the forthcoming Housing White Paper is: “New policies and funding measures are needed to get brownfield sites developed ahead of greenfield sites.

“We should also do more to encourage well-designed, higher density development in towns and cities with good public transport. Both these measures will result in precious countryside, including the green belt, being better protected.”

And on the above Birmingham plan being accepted, they said: “The secretary of state came into office pledging to protect the green belt as ‘sacrosanct’, but his determination to support this green belt loss does not augur well.”

You can find the poll below. Figures were correct at the time of writing but the beauty of these polls is that they can change very quickly.

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