NHF sets out association offer to next government

The National Housing Federation has started a week of action as it aims to push housing up the agenda.

Election Image 2

The National Housing Federation has set out three big offers to government as it ramps up its election pressure.

In a video posted on social media, NHF said “housing associations believe everyone should live in a quality home they can afford.”

Its first big offer is that housing associations can help to free up the NHS.

“We want to help people out of hospital back home sooner.”

The video also sets out that it wants to have a better offer for renting families, saying associations will help families by offering them five-year tenancies.

Its final offer is to build 250,000 homes over the next five years – something that will link with its calls for rent freedom for associations.

The final part of the message says “housing must stay high on the next government’s agenda. Let’s end the housing crisis.”

You can watch the full video below.

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