NHF shared-ownership campaign is going public

The ambitious, nationwide advertising programme launches this month.

For sale and to rent signs

Sold on shared ownership, NHF says it’s ready to work with the government and housing associations to ensure the option meets future housing aspirations.

Already more than 40 housing associations have backed a campaign to create a “consistent and clear” message on shared ownership in the hope of whole-sector support – to the extent that it is front and centre of the housing offer.

“As a former shared owner myself, I know what a great opportunity it offers to get a foot on the ladder – but it doesn’t have the profile it deserves,” said NHF chief executive Kate Henderson.

“Now we’ve reached the exciting stage of launching a nationwide advertising campaign that will spread this message far and wide, helping people understand what shared ownership is, and breaking down the many misconceptions that exist around it.

“We want everyone to understand how shared ownership can make it easier for people to become homeowners.

“And it’s not just first-time buyers that this applies to – shared ownership can also help private renters, people still living at home, older people looking at downsizing, or those whose life circumstances have changed – we want our campaign to reach all those audiences,” she said.

Two years ago, NHF opened talks with a group of housing associations about how shared ownership could be better promoted.

A design agency was brought on board to create branding, and the website SharedOwnership.net was launched.

Henderson says the campaign is just the start given commitments in the Conservative manifesto to reform shared ownership.

“We want to work with the government and housing associations to make sure the product continues to meet the aspirations of customers in the future,” she said.

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