Notting Hill Genesis stands by selection process for new Chair

No compromise after residents’ group said it doesn’t want “another millionaire director of a wealth management firm”.


Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) is standing by its selection process for a new chair after a residents’ committee said it doesn’t want “another millionaire director of a wealth management firm”.

Support was equally steadfast for former chair Dipesh Shah, against whom the Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents made a series of claims.

These ranged from lack of housing sector experience to allegations involving tenancies, commercial agreements and the merger of Genesis and Notting Hill itself.

In an open letter to the NHG executive team, the committee demands the 170,000 residents get a “direct and democratic” say in the selection of a new chair.

Responding, NHG acknowledges the committee’s views, but said they are “a small, vocal number” who have been persistently opposed to the merger”.

“We have maintained communication with this group throughout the merger process and will continue to do so, as we value the opinions of all our resident organisations,” a NHG spokesman said.

But the response stressed no change to selection procedure for the new chair, elected by the board made up of independent professionals from outside the organisation, residents and two members of the executive team.

“This decision is reserved to the Board and cannot be delegated – the process of choosing a new chair is underway and his or her appointment will be announced once that process is concluded,” the spokesman said.

The response goes on to support Shah for “strong leadership” in bringing together brought together board members from both legacy organisations to create a new board overseeing NHG.

“His ability to forge strong relationships, particularly with shareholders – made up of past and present residents and people with a long-standing commitment to our legacy organisations – was vital in persuading them of the benefits of our merger and was reflected in their overwhelming support,” the spokesman said.

“Our board, including Dipesh, have always been committed to our primary purpose of working in communities, providing homes for lower-income households.”