Oyster cards to replace seven-day travel passes in London

Transport for London’s paper-based seven day Travelcards will be scrapped from September as commuters switch to the increasingly popular Oyster smartcard.

The change, which comes into effect from September 25, is part of a phased introduction, which has already seen the successful implementation of Pre Pay, monthly and longer period season tickets on Oyster.

Transport for London is waiving the usual £3 refundable deposit for a limited period to make it easier for customers to switch to Oyster.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said: “More than 2 million people already benefit from the convenience of an Oyster smartcard which is making travel in London quicker and easier, by speeding up the bus service, helping to take cash of buses and cutting queues at Tube stations.

“Oyster offers unprecedented benefits over traditional paper tickets.

“Passengers can top up their Oyster card on line or over the phone, avoiding ticket office queues and up to three Travelcards plus Pre Pay can be stored on an Oyster card at the same time, so the new ticket kicks in as the old one expires. Oyster also offers a safer alternative to paper tickets because it reduces ticket touting and you don’t need to take the card out of its wallet.”

Customers are encouraged to get an Oyster card as soon as possible, to avoid a last minute rush around September 25.