Peers to probe Universal Credit

Lords’ committee launches inquiry on how to reform the system.

Westminster in London next to the Thames

Peers are probing Universal Credit, with a key Lords’ committee calling for evidence on how the ‘reform’ might be reformed.

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will make recommendations to the government on its findings.

But the inquiry is reserved to England and Wales, with Universal Credit a partially devolved matter in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Our Committee will consider if the original objectives of Universal Credit are still fit for purpose and able to provide adequate and fair social security – we will then make our recommendations to government in due course,” said committee chair Lord Forsyth.

Overall, the committee will examine whether Universal Credit is meeting its original objectives and whether the policy assumptions reflected in its design are appropriate for different groups of claimants.

“To inform our work, we want to hear from as broad a range of people as possible – we encourage anyone with experience or expertise on the issue under investigation to share their views,” said Lord Forsyth.

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