PM dismisses 2,000 homeless children as ‘not all actually sleeping on the streets’

Comments come at PMQs on the day a key Commons committee calls homelessness a national crisis.


Prime Minister Theresa May has effectively dismissed over 2,000 homeless children in a single London borough as ‘not all actually sleeping on the streets’.

The PM stressed that this was a key distinction in defining homelessness.

“Families with children accepted as homeless will be provided with accommodation,” she said.

May was responding to Dr Rosena Allin-Khan (Lab, Tooting) telling the Commons that over 2,000 children in the London borough of Wandsworth  would wake up homeless on Christmas Day.

In the face of record food bank referrals “when will this austerity driven government say enough is enough” said Allin-Khan.

The PMs comments come on the day the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said a data dependent DCLG has “not shown enough urgency” in addressing the rise in homelessness.

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