Political opponents call for ‘urgent’ review of building regulations

Labour and Liberal Democrats have urged the government to get on with a review into building regulations after Grenfell Tower fire.

John Healey,

The government was placed under increased pressure to review building regulations as the fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire continues.

There has been a lot of finger pointing on Twitter, especially after news emerged that several housing ministers had “sat on” a report recommending improvements.

John Healey, speaking on ITV this morning, said: “What it really needs now is for a very senior cabinet minister to show they are getting a grip of this and reassuring tenants in other tower blocks that they will get to the bottom of the problems.

“They should commission an independent immediate review so that the clear lessons must now be taken seriously.”

The Liberal Democrats joined Labour’s calls, saying there was a need to publish a long-awaited review of building regulations on fire safety and implement its recommendations.

Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat Party President and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group, said: “My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy, their family and friends and the emergency services who have shown such bravery in appalling circumstances.

“It is too soon to say the exact causes of this deadly fire, but we must not shy away from asking difficult questions.

“In particular, we need to look at why the lessons of the past seem not to have been learnt.

“Ministers have been asked repeatedly to upgrade fire safety regulations but have done nothing, including on sprinklers and strengthening compliance rules.

“The government must conduct an urgent review into fire safety and building regulations, with recommendations implemented as soon as possible.

“We must also hold a public inquiry into what caused this tragic fire and how it could have been prevented.”

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