Poll tells Tories to up social housing offer

Responses show housing is a bigger concern than crime among voters Tories need to target.

Holding a model house while signing documents

Tories need to up their social housing offer to win over wavering Labour voters, a new poll shows.

The NHF poll has voters in Labour heartlands caring more about housing matters than crime.

Housing was even said to be the second most important local issue after the NHS among the ‘undecided’ and ‘Labour leavers’.

The latter group – those who backed Leave in 2016 and Labour in 2017 but now don’t know who to vote for in this election – is a key part of the Conservatives’ electoral strategy.

Some 65% of ‘Labour leavers’ would support the next government if it invested billions in social housing.

NHF chief executive Kate Henderson said housing policy could swing the election with less than a week to go.

“The housing crisis is a national scandal – it affects millions of people from all generations and across the country every day, and voters are getting sick of it.

“This polling shows that swing voters in particular feel that it’s a major issue,” said Henderson.

“Undecided voters want the next government to solve the housing crisis, and they support investment in social housing as the way to do it.

“There are votes to be won by all politicians who do what needs to be done, and commit to investing in building new social housing – this is what we need to fix the housing crisis for good,” she said.

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