UC claimants refusing zero-hour jobs risk sanction

But DWP minister skirts around the issue of such sanctions as policy.


Universal Credit claimants who refuse zero-hours contract job risk DWP sanctions, a parliamentary question has confirmed.

But DWP minister Alok Sharma avoided answering whether such sanctions were “policy” in his written response to the question from Labour’s Stephen Timms.

Sharma said zero-hours contracts provided a “pathway to employment” for claimants who didn’t want to be committed to working a set number of hours a week.

Timms had asked whether it was DWP policy to sanction claimants of universal credit who decline to accept a job with a zero hours contract.

Sharma said claimants who are subject to work related requirements “can be expected” to accept a job with a zero-hours contract if it is considered suitable for their individual circumstances.

“A claimant may be sanctioned if they fail to do so without good reason,” said Sharma.

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