Regulator panel explore standard of homelessness services

Around 70 people across eight local authority areas in Scotland were interviewed for the research.


The Scottish Regulator has today (16th August) released a new report gaining insight into people’s experiences of using homelessness services.

The research looks at what makes the biggest positive difference for people’s experiences, with common themes said to be that of suitable and safe accommodation, access to dedicated staff and support, and minimising the number of moves.

The report also explores the biggest challenges for people using homelessness services – including the length of wait for settled accommodation, financial difficulties, equality and fair treatment and safety and condition of temporary accommodation.

Kathleen McInulty, Assistant Director of Regulation said: “We’ll continue to keep a strong focus on outcomes for people who are homeless as councils implement their Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans.

“This report illustrates the varied and sometimes complex experiences and needs of people who have used homelessness services in Scotland recently and highlights the importance of accessing a settled home quickly.”

Engage Scotland, which manages the Panel for the Regulator, interviewed around 70 people across eight local authority areas for the research.

This is the second of four themed reports from the National Panel, with the first looking at tenant participation and digital access.

The Panel has around 425 members and is open to anyone who is a social housing tenant or uses social landlords’ services.

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