Residents challenge association over chair appointment

They don’t want “another millionaire director of a wealth management firm”.


A residents’ committee wants more say in the appointment of a chair to their housing association to avoid “another millionaire director of a wealth management firm”.

In an open letter, the Joint Committee of Notting Hill and Genesis Residents make a series of claims relating to previous chair of Notting Hill Genesis, Dipesh Shah, calling his appointment a “serious mistake”.

As reported by 24housing, Notting Hill Genesis announced last month that Shah was to step down.

Notting Hill Genesis has been asked for a response to the letter.

The committee outlines a series of claims against Shah stemming from his alleged lack of experience of the charitable housing sector when he became chair of Genesis in 2017, subsequently Notting Hill Genesis.

Allegations involve tenancies, commercial agreements and the merger of Genesis and Notting Hill itself.

The letter, sent to the Notting Hill Genesis executive team, demands the 170,000 residents get a “direct and democratic” say in the selection of a new chair.

It reads: “We demand a chair whose history and views are firmly within the tradition of building and preserving social rent homes, solving the housing crisis and upholding the ‘Right to Housing'”.

“We do not want another millionaire director of a wealth management firm who hasn’t a clue about the housing association movement.”