Revive Seminar to debate impacts of Domestic Abuse Legislation

Nearly 2,000 domestic abuse survivors are at risk of homelessness in England, according to a recent Crisis report.

The domestic abuse figures in England and Wales currently stand at an estimated 2 million adults said to have experienced domestic abuse in 2017/18.

Organised by Homefinder UK in partnership with Luton Borough Council, a seminar will set to be the key event to discuss this dire reality, identifying ways in which the sector can improve its service to domestic abuse survivors.

In the context of the new Domestic Abuse legislation, local authorities and support organisations will gather at the ‘Revive Seminar – Tackling Domestic Abuse’ to hear from specialist speakers, such as co-founder of the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA), Gudrun Helevuo-Burnet.

“DAHA welcomed the news of the Domestic Abuse Bill”, Gudrun said.

“As part of the National Housing and Domestic Abuse Policy and Practice Group, we have put together a joint response and recently submitted written evidence to the joint committee with sector partners across the domestic abuse, Violence Against Women and Girls, homelessness and housing group, which endorses the idea of whole housing approach to domestic abuse”, she added.

As reported by 24housing, a recent Crisis report, it was revealed that nearly 2,000 domestic abuse survivors are at risk of homelessness in England.

The report calls for the government to amend the Domestic Abuse Bill and ensure that those who are fleeing domestic abuse are secured a safe and stable permanent home.

This issue is said to be a focal topic of discussion at the Revive Seminar, as well as allowing local authorities the opportunity to explore which alternatives can currently be used to offer permanent housing for applicants who are fleeing domestic abuse.

Patrick Odling-Smee, Service Director of Housing of Luton Council said: “All survivors need good quality accommodation and support wherever they live and the Revive project has been developed to enable people who have been subject to DA to move to areas of the country where they can feel safe, get access to good quality support and affordable housing.”

“The Domestic Abuse Bill will make it a duty for councils to demonstrate how they are supporting survivors and Revive will enable them to do so while also having a real impact on improving their quality of life”, he added.

The event is free and open for housing providers, local authorities and support organisations and will be held from 11:00 until 13:30 on 11th June at the UKCCA, UK Centre for Carnival Arts, in Luton.

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