Rough sleeper bin shelters rubbished

Businessman films himself climbing into two bins fashioned into a ‘shelter’ pitched as protection for rough sleepers.

Homeless person sleeping in a pedestrian tunnel

Britain’s biggest union has rubbished bin shelters pitched by a multi-millionaire as a solution to rough sleeping.

Unite says the ‘shelter’ made of two wheelie bins is “dangerous and grossly offensive” given the number of homelessness found sleeping – and dying – in bins.

Businessman Peter Dawe releasing a video of himself climbing into two bins that he had fashioned into a shelter which he says could help protect rough sleepers.

Unite cited stats showing a fifth of those working in the waste industry have found people sleeping in bins.

In 2016 Biffa said around three people a week were discovered sleeping in its bins.

Unite also referenced those who  have died after bins they were sleeping in were tipped into compactors, including 28-year-old Jay McLaren who was found dead at a Sunderland recycling plant in 2018 and 48-year-old Russell Lane who died from injuries sustained in the back of a refuse lorry in Kent the same year.

“Peter Dawe’s idea is dangerous and grossly offensive.

“Our members who work in the refuse sector already have to check bins to prevent people being crushed to death in the back of lorries”, said Unite’s National Officer Matt Draper.

“This idea would do nothing to address the shameful rise in homelessness Britain has experienced in recent years and would only further stigmatise individuals who are in desperate need of help”, he said.

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