RSH urges housing providers to get on with improvements

Chief Executive Fiona Macgregor says the sector doesn’t need to wait for the implementation of the Social Housing Green Paper.



Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) chief executive Fiona Macgregor has urged housing providers to be proactive if they feel improvements need to be made.

Speaking on the final day of the annual CIH conference in Manchester, Macgregor said “don’t wait for the implementation of the Social Housing Green Paper” and to “just implement those improvements”.

“The Social Housing Green Paper has rightly opened up a vigorous debate,” said Macgregor. 

“[But] we’ve said on many public platforms that, as registered providers, you don’t need to wait for the implementation of the Green Paper.”

Macgregor reminded the audience that: “At its heart, the core of what you are all here to do is pretty clear – to provide safe, underlined, secure, good-quality homes to those residents whose needs are not being met by the market.”

Macgregor also highlighted issues concerning consumer regulation, saying that it needed to be more “proactive”. Further detail, she said, would be provided in the RSH’s annual consumer regulation review, due to be published in July.

As to whether a new regulator will be created sometime soon, Macgregor said that would be a question for ministers – “they’ll decide.”

Speaking alongside Macgregor were representatives from such organisations as Notting Hill Housing Trust and Gentoo, the latter of which received a regulatory downgrade (G2 to G3) in 2017 due to “weak governance and internal control”, something chair Kieth Loraine says it has since worked hard to amend.

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