Rudd rules out early end to benefits freeze

Work and Pensions Select committee told “the freeze stays”, as Rudd quashes speculation of a thaw in the Spring statement.

Amber rudd

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has ruled out an early end to the benefits freeze in this week’s Spring Statement.

Rudd told the Work and Pensions Select Committee this afternoon (11th March) that it was her “expectation” the freeze will end next year as planned.

In the meantime, she said: “The freeze stays.”

In a sometimes tetchy session, Rudd struggled with questions related to the freeze and its impact on the cost of living – with housing costs raised as a specific issue.

Universal Credit was criticised during the session as a system “designed by middle class people for middle class people”.

Independent MP Heidi Allen told Rudd: “People have to able to afford to live on (Universal Credit).”

Rudd replied: “People also have to afford to pay for it.”

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