Sadiq Khan accused of ‘failing Grenfell victims’

Boris Johnson believes the mayor of London should have ‘taken charge’ to help the victims rebuild their lives.


The former mayor has questioned Khan over his handling of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, telling the Daily Telegraph: “The most extraordinary lacuna in the whole conversation about Grenfell is the Mayor of London, a Macavity-like performance by anybody I have ever seen.

He goes on to say: “Why did he not take charge? Why did he not find accommodation for the victims? Why was he so
 spineless and invertebrate? Unbelievable.”

A spokesman for Khan said: “On the day the mayor joins the families of those who lost loved ones in the devastating Grenfell fire, who come together to remember those who died, it beggars belief that Boris Johnson chooses to launch such a bitter attack.

“This demonstrates his breathtaking ignorance of the facts and lack of sensitivity, no doubt motivated by a wish to protect his friends in the council and in the government.”

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