Scottish Government ‘underestimating social housing demand’

Labour has turned the screw on the Scottish National Party, who are currently in government, saying they are underestimating need.

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The Scottish Labour Party has said the current government are not building enough social housing for the country.

The current government have committed to building 50,000 affordable homes by the end of parliament, with 35,000 of those being social homes.

The Labour Party say they are committed to building 60,000 affordable homes by 2021.

Scottish Labour said: “Labour wants to see a national house building strategy which sets out the numbers of houses to be built in each area and allows for proper planning and delivery.

“This strategy also means planning local jobs and apprenticeships around the programme.

“We need to ensure there is the capacity, the available land and the resources to be able to deliver the houses for social rent that are required.

“A national house building strategy with local delivery plans for every local council area of Scotland would do just that.”

Scottish Labour are also calling for the government to put more pressure on private landlords to make homes more energy efficient.

They say around a third living in the private sector have been pushed into fuel poverty by increasing bills and poorly insulated homes.