Skye association warns tenants over tourist sub-letting

Earlier this year an analysis found that one in 10 properties on the Island are being listed on Airbnb.


A Scottish housing association is writing to tenants to warn them against sub-letting their homes to tourists.

Skye and Lochalsh Housing Association said they could be ‘violating’ their tenancy agreement by using short-term letting sites such as Airbnb.

As reported by 24housing earlier this year, a Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) publication revealed how the rapid growth of short-term lets could lead to the loss of private rented homes to the short-term lets market.

The report found that one in 10 properties on Skye was being listed on Airbnb – the association has since said that tenants risk potential eviction if their properties continue to be listed.

The number of tourists visiting Skye is said to have increased over recent years, but while many have welcomed the rise in numbers, others have raised concerns about the pressures on the island’s infrastructure.

Lachie MacDonald, the CEO of Skye and Lochalsh Housing Association said: “The tenant’s agreement is quite clear. Tenants can’t operate a business from the property.

“We rely on the tenancy agreement between us and the tenant and that’s what we will be using to correspond with them about.”

He added that the same rules apply for people renting out a room or renting out a whole property.

“We’re contacting the tenants to remind them of the obligations of the tenancy agreement.

“If they ignore this correspondence then the matters will be passed to our solicitors to take it further and implement the terms of our tenancy agreement”, he said.

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