Sovereign pledges £150k for communities affected by Coronavirus crisis

“This funding means we’ll maximise the goodwill and hard work that’s already going on out there.”

Woman wearing a facemask due to coronavirus

Sovereign Housing Association has donated £150,000 of emergency funds to support communities and individuals across the south of England affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

Pledging the cash, the provider is keen to bolster groups and organisations already rallying to provide support to the most vulnerable people in society.

The funding will be awarded via charity partners the Greenham Trust through the Good Exchange platform  and the crowdfunder stream ‘payitforward’.

Sovereign has pledged £50,000 to the Greenham Trust’s new fund, which focusses on organisations in West Berkshire and North Hampshire that can:

  • Help older or vulnerable people or people with chronic underlying health conditions or diseases in self-isolation or quarantine who need access to food, medicines or social care
  • Provide more support for foodbanks
  • Increase the number of meals-on-wheels deliveries to support older people
  • Provide financial, employment, and debt advice
  • Give counselling, suicide prevention, and mental health support for those who have, for example, lost their jobs, are grieving or are in crisis
  • Support those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation

A further £50,000 will be allocated to community organisations already known to the organisation, across Sovereign’s geography – which stretches from West Berkshire to Cornwall, Bristol to the Isle of Wight.

Matt Buckham, Communities director for Sovereign, said: “This funding means we’ll maximise the goodwill and hard work that’s already going on out there, as people do brilliant things to support their communities.

“We’re also revisiting applications from groups and organisations who had previously been shortlisted for funding with us, and we’ll be allocating this new pot of money accordingly.”

Sovereign is also adding £50,000 to the ‘payitforward’ campaign, set up to support independent community businesses such as restaurants, live venues, and pubs; as well as individuals such as taxi drivers, beauticians, and other small businesses.

“We are committed to providing great homes in great places, and we know that small businesses are what make places thrive – that’s why we’re making our donation to the #payitforward campaign to keep those businesses going strong,” Buckham said.

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