Speculation suggests creation of Secretary of State for Housing

The idea of a distinct cabinet post for housing rumoured amid reports of the PM preparing a major reshuffle.


Speculation suggests the government is going to create a specific secretary of state for housing in a forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.

The possibility of the new post was teased in reports over the new year – with Westminster tight-lipped.

It’s an initiative given impetus by the PMs personal commitment to tackling the housing crisis.

Housing currently comes under the DCLG cabinet brief.

The idea of housing having its own cabinet post did the rounds over the summer, with critics of the government saying a lack of consistency in related ministerial appointments translated to a lack of focus.

Former housing association chief executive, Tom Murtha, said: “I’ve seen almost 30 housing ministers in my career. Few stay for long and even fewer make a real impact.”

Speaking to 24housing, Murtha questioned the extent of power housing ministers had – whereas a cabinet position could might make a real difference.

Labour’s shadow cabinet has John Healy as a shadow secretary of state for housing – with a commitment to set up a housing department  in government.