Supported housing decision ‘very close’

DCLG ministers have confirmed a future funding solution for supported housing is “very close” to release.

housing money

Speaking to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, ministers from DCLG have said there is now not long to wait for a decision on supported housing.

Helen Hayes, Labour MP, quizzed the ministers on when they will release the detail.

She said in the 18 months since the review has been started, uncertainty has almost halted all development in the sector.

Sajid Javid, communities secretary, responded: “We are very close to making a final decision on this. The work this committee has done and hopefully you will see that when we respond.

“There needed to be a relook at the current system and we want to bring clarity to this very quickly.”

Marcus Jones, DCLG minister, added: “We understand how important this is.”

“Our response will clearly show that we have listened to the significant number of people that responded. Over 500 responses.”

Hayes pushed ministers on what they planned to do to “get the sector back on track”.

Jones told the committee: “We expect to work with the sector very quickly.

“We have £400m and we want to distribute that money as quickly as possible to increase the supply of supported housing as we know it is currently decreasing and not increasing.”

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