Tech partnership to increase safety of housing construction

The platform aims to creates the “golden thread” of accountability and transparency identified by the Hackitt Report.

Housing associations across the UK are working to increase the simplicity and safety of housing construction – with the help of a data sharing platform.

The Coadjute platform uses distributed ledger technology designed to unify organisations involved in the development of housing projects from inception through to construction and occupation.

A Quality Chain captures and tracks a single version of key decisions, documentation, and information, with an aim to create the ‘golden thread’ of accountability and transparency identified by the Hackitt Report.

Housing associations, including L&Q, Notting Hill Genesis, Bromford, and Origin have all trialed this technology – using it to highlight gaps in their own information regarding the construction of stock.

The Quality Chain, a decentralised system based on blockchain, sets to remove this aspect of inefficiency by enabling each party to share a single source of the truth as a ‘foundation for trust’, while also retaining their own technology and data – a key regulatory requirement.

It also works to provide a history of decisions made throughout a project and the provenance of all documents and specifications iterated and agreed in the process.

John Reynolds, CEO and founder of Coadjute, said: “The UK needs to double the number of new homes built each year.

“The reality is that this cannot be achieved without a thorough overhaul of the technology underpinning construction.

“We believe blockchain provides the opportunity to unify, simplify, and validate every stage in an otherwise complex process and create a trusted, immutable record, which all parties contribute to and agree.”

Matthew Gardiner, head of ideation at L&Q, said: “Quality Chain provides a method for all organisations involved in development to come to an agreement on any obligation, statement of work, deliverable or document providing a ‘single source of the truth’ as a basis for improving workflow management and efficiency.

“Its potential to improve quality and cut costs is significant.”

The aim is to create a market ready product by March 2020.

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