Think tank launched to help renters with pets

Research reveals 78% of tenants have struggled to find rented accommodation that will allow pets.


In the first of its kind, UK flat share site SpareRoom has teamed up with RSPCA and Crisis to launch the first ever think tank for pets.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of their RSPCA awards, RSCPA recognised over 77 councils as part of their Ten Ideas in Ten Years report, bringing animal welfare to the forefront.

Playing a vital role in the scheme, plans to reign cats and dogs as ‘research assistants’ will strive to reveal the positive effects that pets have on tenants and properties.

In studies of the original research by SpareRoom, think tank members have revealed that 78% of tenants said that they have struggled to find rented accommodation that will allow pets.

Other findings include:

  • 21% of tenants keeping a pet in their property without landlord knowledge
  • Only 7% of ads in the UK open to ‘consider’ pets – one in 20 homes in the London area
  • 69% of landlords stating that they wouldn’t allow pets in their properties

Displaying hesitance to the movement, various landlords have expressed concerns of smell and potential damage as main reasons behind the ‘no pet’ rule.

Despite this, 88% of pet owners claim they’ve never received any complaints.

Not only improving physical and mental benefits to tenants, the scheme sets to see the reduction of rehomed pets and potential homelessness of tenants.

Among initial ideas, responsibility for any damage and charging subsidy on monthly rent for pets may see landlords rethinking policies.

Matt Hutchinson, Communications Director for SpareRoom, said: “Ultimately, there’s no reason tenants shouldn’t be able to live with pets, subject to certain relevant conditions and checks being in place.”