Voting for CIH’s next vice president officially opens

The winning candidate will take over from Aileen Evans, who is due to step up as president.

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The search is on to find the Chartered Institute of Housing’s (CIH) new vice-president.

Announced by current vice-president and CEO of Grand Union Housing, Aileen Evans, Jo Richardson and Jim Ripley were revealed as the two new candidates for the role.

Voting is now open for CIH members to have their say as to who they want to see shadowing Evans – with the poll ending on 27th September.

The successful candidate will go on to become CIH president in 2020/21.

Both candidates have since tweeted about their shortlist success, with current vice-president Aileen Evans adding that the role is about ensuring the “strongest possible connection” between members and CIH.

Every single CIH member is granted a vote in the election, with the candidate with the most votes announced as winner.

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