Welsh Housing injects over £1bn into the Welsh economy

The report, developed by Beaufort Research, shows that 84% of all spending by housing associations remained in Wales over the last year.


Figures released today by Community Housing Cymru shows the vital role Welsh housing associations play in the Welsh economy, with over £1.2bn spent in 2017/18, up 13.5% on last year.

The report also reveals that gross value added to the Welsh economy was £886m, up 20% since last year.

The data by CHC, the membership body for Welsh housing associations, also shows that 23,000 full-time equivalent job roles were supported by the housing sector – an increase of 4.5% since 2016/17.

In addition, £4m was spent on training tenants with 8,000 people – 41% of whom were housing association tenants – receiving employability and skills development.

Housing associations in Wales delivered over £23m worth of community regeneration projects in addition to providing 1,876 homes last year, with these projects creating ‘cohesive’ communities, to help reduce inequality, create opportunities for tenants, and promote prosperity as well as delivering against the sector vision to make good housing a basic right for all.

Clarissa Corbisiero-Peters, Director of Policy and Deputy Chief Executive at Community Housing Cymru, said: “This report shows that Welsh housing associations are in it for the long term, and yet again deliver an economic and social boost in local communities across the country.

“84p of every £1 spent by a Welsh housing association stayed in Wales last year, and this investment by organisations that are rooted in local areas is more important than ever.”

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