Yarlington launches new corporate strategy Next-Gen

Yarlington Housing Group announce the launch of its new corporate strategy Yarlington Next-Gen.

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Yarlington Next-Gen is at the forefront of an exciting and ambitious new era for Yarlington.

Against significant changes in the housing sector, and with developing customer demands, Yarlington will make the most of the opportunity to grow as an organisation and in doing so help solve the housing crisis in the south west.

Gary Orr, Yarlington’s CEO, said: “We are extremely proud of everything that Yarlington achieved under our previous strategy ‘Building Communities’.

“We built more homes than ever before; we helped people back into employment; we extended our service offer; and we ensured our performance was among the best housing associations in the country.

“However, we can’t rest on our laurels. The world is rapidly changing and there’s a housing crisis. There’s simply not enough homes in our region, whilst affordability constraints mean more people are turning to Yarlington for their housing solutions.

“There’s no question that we have to change. Yarlington’s Board took the time to consider how we needed to change the way we work in order to support our ambition of helping to solve the housing crisis.”

Through Yarlington Next-Gen, the group hopes to service 23,000 customers in a more economic, efficient and effective manner possible; market to a broader customer base; build more homes and continue to position operational costs amongst the best performing organisations in the sector.

Next-Gen will specifically increase the number of new homes Yarlington provide in the south west, committing to building 1,500 affordable homes by 2021 and extending geographical reach to the south west demand hotspot, in Bristol.

Executive director of service transformation, Sam Leigh, will lead on the service redesign.

Sam said: “We will transform the way in which we offer services to our customers and ensure that we are at the cutting edge of technology to deliver to our customers’ needs.”

The service model will create a digital shift across Yarlington and the way it delivers its services. Through the promotion of a self-service portal, My Yarlington, customers will be able to communicate with us easily and have more independence over their finances and tenancy. For those that require more support, a bespoke service will be created.

On the Next-Gen corporate strategy, Lindy Morgan, chair of the board, said: “We are going to build more homes for the people in housing need. This service transformation gives us the opportunity to make our services more accessible to our residents and build more homes.

“Through building, and developing our services, we will ensure that Yarlington remains smart, but with heart.”

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