Young Leaders 2018 – Meet the Finalists: Angelina Lord

24housing’s Young Leaders competition is reaching it’s conclusion this week as the five finalists battle to win the competition. Here, we meet the five to hear their thoughts on the competition.

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The Young Leaders competition has once again proved to be a showcase of some of the best young talent in the sector.

With more entries than ever before and a hugely competitive semi-final, the competition has proved a huge success.

Angelina, who was Locality Manager at Accord when nominated but has now moved to The Pioneer Group, impressed judges with her semi-final presentation on partnership working between housing associations.

Unfortunately, we did not get time to interview Angelina on camera, so to see what she thinks of the competition, what it would mean to win and much more, please find the Q&A below.


What do you do in your day to day role?

“I manage three housing officers and two housing assistants in the running of the patch with covers 1,200 properties across Birmingham.

“The biggest focus at this time is rent arrears reduction and coming up with new initiatives to come up with reducing voids. I am also part of a panel that is looking at a multi-million pound regeneration of an estate in Birmingham.”


How has it been being part of the competition?

“I feel really privileged to be part of the competition and rub shoulders with some really fantastic people. Not just the people on the judging panel but the other Young Leaders.

“It was really good to meet people my age and see what is going on across the country in housing. It has allowed me to have a bit more experience in terms of presentations and also brought me closer to the people I work with as I have been practicing my presentation to those people.

“It has been good to interact with those people that I may not have usually spoken to. It has reaffirmed to me that I have chosen the right career path in the right sector. Despite adversity within the sector at the moment it shows we are all fighting to make people’s lives better.

“It has really broadened my horizons in that respect but also helped me in my day to day role.”


How did it feel being nominated?

“It was really flattering. I knew that I was one of the youngest people in management here so it was a little overwhelming. It made me feel like I am doing a good job and made me feel more confident.”


What would it mean to you to win?

“It would be a massive honour. Already it has made me want to push on in my career in social housing but ultimately I wanted to make my family and friends proud.

“The competition has been important to me personally as I have suffered with anxiety in the past and this competition has been a massive triumph over that. If I do get that far it is going to be a massive blessing.”

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