A duty of care

Immediately after the Grenfell Tower fire, I (and no doubt every other Chief Executive of a housing association) thought about the duty of care we have to our own residents and if we were doing the right thing by them.

A duty of care

This was a natural reaction to such a tragic event and, of course, I knew that we didn’t have any high-rise buildings or tower blocks and that all our homes meet building regulations and fire safety requirements.

There’s nothing more important than ensuring the people living in your homes are safe and secure and if anything keeps me awake at night, it’s exactly that.

There’s lots of important things we need to do as an Association; keeping the bank and regulator happy are just two. But there’s nothing (and I mean nothing) more important to me than the safety of our residents and staff.

It’s too often the case that lessons are learned after something has horribly gone wrong. Regarding Grenfell, it’s to ensure that those who put their faith, trust, health and well-being in the hands of others are never let down again.

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