Apologise? Rees-Mogg is an apology

Seems the victims of Grenfell “lacked common sense” for trusting those they should have trusted to get them out.

Grenfell 008

Politically, Jacob Rees-Mogg is one of those stains that has you holding the bin-liner a little bit further away while putting it out.

This odious fraud of a man – who’s only apparent gift is an ability to talk patronisingly out of his entitled fundament while simultaneously disappearing up it – speaks of Grenfell victims as “lacking common sense” for staying put as the tower burned.

Yes, victims who took what last breaths they could on Grenfell’s single smoke-filled stairway were “lacking common sense” for trusting those they should have trusted to get them out.

There’s a lot of ‘Tory’ in that.

Just a day earlier, a would-be Tory MP was exposed as calling for a ‘cull’ of benefit claimants.

It follows that Rees-Mogg doesn’t believe Grenfell had “anything to do with race or class”.

To the likes of Rees-Mogg nothing ever does – nor could it.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc – as ‘Jacob’ might put it with a shrug of over-tailored shoulders.

Contrast such crass insensitivity with the dignified expression of righteous anger from Grenfell MP Emma Dent Coad during the Commons debate on Phase 1 of the public inquiry report into the disaster.

Was Rees-Mogg draped sloth-like over the front benches for that, or had he scuttled away with those equally odious Tory backbenchers who had earlier berated Jeremy Corbyn for wearing a green Grenfell tie?

That they genuinely had no idea, despite colleagues having the nerve to sport green-heart Grenfell lapel badges, shows just how the Rees-Mogg mindset flourishes among them.

Even Theresa May was angered enough by their antics to show more emotion than she ever did for Grenfell’s victims in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

(By the way, the chamber itself was shamefully sparse for that Grenfell debate – it should have been heaving.)

Yet still, after everything said on the findings of Phase 1 – let alone what’s to come in Phase 2 – Rees-Mogg accuses Grenfell victims of “lacking common sense”.

The fact that he believes it means there’s really no need to force Rees-Mogg into some faux apology.

It’s enough to know him – and those like him – by the views they hold and how they choose to express them.

The Grenfell disaster defines contemporary Britain in the way the likes of Rees-Mogg will never understand – or are capable of understanding.