DAHA’s ‘Whole Housing Approach’ to domestic abuse

We are ecstatic of £1,478,000 has been granted to domestic abuse services to implement a Whole Housing Approach in local housing services to help improve their responses to domestic abuse.

Money Pounds House

The funding, awarded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, will support the approaches’ aim to improve the activities across at least 10 local authority.

These will include RSLs, the private rented sector and sheltered housing.

We designed the ‘whole housing’ approach based on daily discussions with survivors, the domestic abuse, homelessness and housing sectors and are delighted MHCLG has recognised and backed the ‘whole housing’ approach to domestic abuse.

The approach will create more housing options available for survivors of domestic abuse.

It will develop good practice among housing professionals and make services more collaborative in their response to domestic abuse.

The aims of this are to increase early intervention in responses, take pressure away from emergency support responses and refuges, give more agency to individuals affected by domestic abuse and to keep them in their own homes where safe to do so.

We feel this funding will, for the first time, make it possible for individuals to access support no matter what type of housing they live in.

This includes individuals in privately rented and owned housing whose needs are often overlooked in current responses.

The grant will help services in 17 local authorities in London and Cambridgeshire.

The bid aims to provide support for 4,000 victims and their children in Cambridgeshire and 3,800 in London. In the future, we hope to extend its services to a third Northern pilot site.

The scheme, which will last until 2020, will be evaluated on an ongoing basis to monitor its impact.

In the future we really hope the ‘Whole Housing Approach’ will influence the rest of the country in the way it deals with domestic abuse.