Homes for Britain

On Thursday the nation will go to the polls in what is expected, if the polls and experts are to be believed, to yield another Coalition Government.

If this is the case we are unlikely to know what parties will make up this Coalition until a good few days after Thursday’s results are declared. We may even get one party trying to go it alone as a minority Government and trying to deals with the other parties to get various votes/legislation through.

Regardless who forms the next Government, I am hoping that they place housing firmly near the top of the list of things that need fixing. If it does, then credit must certainly go to the National Housing Federation for its Homes for Britain campaign which has certainly raised the profile of the housing crisis before and during the election campaign.

Time will only tell whether the Government goes as far as meeting the NHF’s target of building 250,000 new homes a year and ending the housing crisis within a generation, but you would hope that measures will be taken to address the problem.

I am pleased to say that my organisation, Railway Housing Association, recently made its contribution to the campaign by opening a new development in Swanland, near Hull.

With the support of the Homes and Communities Agency and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, we have spent £3.9 million building 26 homes and apartments for local people in this popular village.

We were delighted to have the NHF Chief Executive David Orr as the guest of honour at the official opening. David said they are few things more exciting than seeing new, high quality affordable homes being built for local people and that the scheme is an excellent example of what can be achieved when private and public bodies work together in partnership.

Like the NHF, we hope that whoever wins the General Election will take note of this model and that the new Government puts housing at the top of its new legislative programme. Railway Housing Association, like everyone else in the sector, would accept nothing less.