Leadership 2025 – Why will it make a difference? And what is it all about?

At Roffey Park we run many business school programmes, for leaders, graduates, and captains of industry. We are proud to have an extremely high attainment rate for alumni and have developed our Strategic Leadership Programmes to provide tailored learning for organisations and individuals.

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We’ve also worked with a number of Housing Associations and CEOs in the sector.

When we were asked to pitch to co-design a leadership programme aimed not only at supporting and developing talented BME leaders and in doing so, to help with a paradigm shift in a sector’s cultural identity, we recognised the importance of the initiative, for both those individuals who will undertake the course, for the organisations who will act as their sponsors and for the sector as a whole.

The Leadership 2025 Programme is designed to offer candidates the opportunity to gain exposure to world class learning.

As with many of those who have been on our programmes, the accreditation offered is widely recognised and we would expect to be like CV gold dust.

The programme is thought provoking and demanding. It offers an opportunity to take leadership of your learning that will prepare you to lead and contribute to your sector in a significant way.

There are two elements to the programme: the open programme and development learning set days.

It is a 9-month intensive programme, with each participant attending Roffey Park’s Strategic Leadership open programme and learning from peers across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

This open programme consists of two blocks of 3.5 days residential and 4.5 days programmes. These sessions will include input discussion and working on live case studies.

This element of the programme is designed to give candidates a rich exposure to other sectors and provide opportunity to engage with and learn alongside other Leaders.

The second element of the programme is a series of development days, these combine learning set activities and themed discussions, which have been designed specifically with individual housing Leaders in mind. Participants will explore the following areas:

  • An individual’s personal journey of leadership.
  • An in-depth exploration of the participant’s current career trajectory
  • Reflection and support for their ambition
  • Devising a personal and tailored action plan
  • Identifying success factors and milestones along the journey


Each participant is expected to take a critical look at their own development needs and to create a personalised learning contract. This learning contract will then form the basis of individual learning plans to complete during the programme.

This will combine academic and live research, action and experimentation and ‘reporting’ back to the learning set. This may be via an essay, a presentation, a practical exercise etc.

Leadership 2025 will aim to help participants build resilience, broaden networks and focus on career development and leadership strategies that will apply equally to business and to the housing sector.

Coupled with the Roffey Park learning elements, Leadership 2025 will also provide mentoring from experienced leaders within the sector.

In addition, there will be master classes offered to provide technical skills, ranging from Finance, Development to working with the Board. These will be facilitated by individuals with significant expertise in their field.

If you are a BME leader that is wondering – What is next for you and you want focused learning and support to raise your potential, capability and confidence, start having a conversation with your organisation about taking part in this programme and be a part of this pioneering programme.

And equally if you are an organisation that takes BME under representation at senior levels seriously, do support this programme generally and identify and encourage individuals that you know should be the sector leaders of the future to participate.

At Roffey Park, we’ll do our part to equip your sector leaders.

As individuals, we expect those participating to be prepared to take responsibility for their own learning; and as organisations, the sector must take its’ responsibility for commitment and encouragement.

More details can be found here. The closing date for applications is Friday 18th August.

The programme lead with be Shelly Hossain: Shelly@global-learning.co.uk, 07970592499.