Making history

Railway Housing Association is now less than a year away from celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019.

Railway Housing Association

You can imagine that we are starting to get very excited about reaching such an amazing milestone and in between doing the ‘day job’ (lots to do in 2018 including the opening of a 73-home development in Darlington  – one of the biggest in our recent history) we have begun to plan some of the events that will help us celebrate becoming a centenarian.

One thing we are doing is producing a special anniversary magazine, which will document our history from 1919 onwards.

As part of this, we have been looking through some old newspaper cuttings and one in particular made me very proud.

The cutting was in the Morpeth Herald and Reporter on Friday 8th May 1953 and was in reference to work starting on eight new bungalows, also in Darlington as it happens.

That’s great, of course, but what is written next is fantastic and it’s best if I just repeat this verbatim:

“It was in 1919 that one of the most unusual war memorials in the world was launched to help members of the staff of the North Eastern Railway Cottage Homes and Benefit Fund.”

Granted, we didn’t have the snappiest title back then, but how amazing is to know that the homes we built from 1919 were considered to be war memorials, on the basis that we were established to help railwaymen returning from The Great War!

It’s obviously a journalist’s turn of phrase, as my predecessors would never have been so bold to make such a claim, but nonetheless it’s still pleasing to know that we have earned our own little place in history, and there’s lots more to come……..