Stronger families for safer communities

Charter Housing’s Stronger Families for Safer Communities project was a winner at the Welsh Housing Awards – here I explain a bit more about our award-winning approach.

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At Charter Housing, we have a passion for working with people to build confidence and self-esteem to build happy, resilient and safer communities.

This is delivered through our ‘Stronger Families for Safer Communities’ approach.

A dedicated team of specialist youth and family workers work with our communities, many of whom may be vulnerable, experienced domestic abuse, ACEs, substance misuse or been victims or perpetrators of anti-social behaviour.

We build projects organically, with a focus on wellbeing and adapt to meet changing demands in a community, encouraging a sense of belonging and connection to others.

OK Kids, Growing Together and The Brother Project provide a wraparound support network, to address specific problems and support people by removing barriers to engagement, providing services early, before reaching crisis point.

OK Kids provides non-judgemental, confidential approach, working in the home with families where there are issues around the child’s behaviour affecting the conduct of the tenancy.

They help to develop strategies and techniques to deal with children’s behaviour.

92% of parents have reported improvement in their family’s health and well-being which in turn enables them to positively manage their children’s behaviour.

Growing Together is a partnership with Gingerbread, focuses on the personal and social development of young single parents aged 14-25 in all areas of their life, of which parenting is just one.

Growing Together has had a huge impact on young parents. These parents grow and change their lives for the better. Encouraging peer support networks that flourish outside the project means Growing Together leaves a legacy that will continue to reduce social isolation experienced by many young parents, enabling them to move forward, together.’ (External Evaluator, 2017)

The Brothers is a partnership with Bron Afon Community Housing, works with young men aged 15-25, building confidence, resilience, tackling issues like domestic abuse, mental health and equality.

Brothers challenges stereotypes and the macho culture which is putting pressure on young men to conform, supress feelings and ‘to man up!’; leading to high levels of antisocial behaviour, poor mental health and suicide amongst young men.

All 46 young Brothers have increased their knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse and believe that what they have learnt will have a positive influence on their behaviour.

We were over the moon to receive the Welsh Housing Award for Building Safer Communities and feel this is validation of our work and the approach that we take to supporting families and communities, enabling them to increase awareness and knowledge on how to positively impact their own lives.

Moving away from ‘doing to’ and more towards ‘doing with’ people I would say is the philosophy and success of our approach.


This project, along with every shortlisted application in the Welsh Housing Awards, was published in CIH Cymru’s annual Good Practice Compendium, sponsored by Lovell.

The 2017 edition is a compilation of practice from across the breadth of the sector, divided into chapters that reflect areas of focus in housing right now.

You can download the Good Practice Compendium 2017 in English or Welsh on the CIH Cymru website.