What is Leadership 2025?

The programme is back for it’s third year.


L&Q, Optivo and the BME London Group, in partnership with Roffey Park, came together in 2017 to offer an intensive 9-month leadership development programme available exclusively to senior leaders from BME backgrounds working in the housing sector.

The programme covers the full range of core leadership competencies and prepares individuals to become the sector leaders of the future.

Why this programme, and why now?

In many areas, the housing sector is ahead of the curve on diversity and inclusion in employment.

It is:

  • More diverse than other sectors
  • Employing a higher proportion of women
  • Employing more people from BME communities
  • Employing more people with disabilities

But where the sector falls short is in the proportion of BME people in key leadership roles.

It is disproportionately small with just 4% of senior leadership roles held by individuals from BME backgrounds.

There is talent in the sector, but it is not coming through.

This programme helps guide senior BME leaders in housing to navigate the glass maze of executive leadership to become the sector influencers of the future.

Now entering into its third year, some of our alumni have already gone onto the most senior roles in the sector including Chief Operating Officer at a G15 housing group, CEO of a small BME association and Director of Innovation at the largest housing association in Scotland.

If you are an ambitious and talented BME senior manager, this programme may be for you.

Why should I enrol?

Leadership 2025 participants will:

  • Gain a critical understanding of how the most senior leaders deliver within the sector
  • Increase their ability to think strategically and develop their agility in response to uncertainty
  • Learn from live business issues in organisations that may be very different to their own
  • Build and learn from a network of peers within the housing sector
  • Be empowered to think and act differently as senior leaders
  • Lead with more confidence and authority to achieve greater impact and presence
  • Develop their analytical, critical thinking and business research skills
  • Gain a recognised accreditation from a leading business school
  • Be in a stronger position to apply for, and succeed in, senior roles within the housing sector

To find out more, visit the website on leadership2025.co.uk

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